Amiga 2500 questions

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 07:14:30 2002

  Hi. I'm looking at an Amiga 2500, with a 5M hard drive, unknown ram,
a lot of boards in it (the owner knows as little about it as I do), and
no keyboard, mouse, or display. He wants $30 for it. He has a display
from a Commodore Colt hooked up to the composite video port, and the
2500 will boot to a screen with hand holding a WorkBench 1.3 floppy shown.
  Are keyboards as hard to find as it seems? That's the showstopper so
far. Is $30 reasonable for a partially tested A2500? Will the
kbd/mouse from the Colt work?

  Aquiring minds want to know. :)

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