Amiga 2500 questions

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 08:40:34 2002

> Hi. I'm looking at an Amiga 2500, with a 5M hard drive, unknown ram,
>a lot of boards in it (the owner knows as little about it as I do), and
>no keyboard, mouse, or display. He wants $30 for it. He has a display
>from a Commodore Colt hooked up to the composite video port, and the
>2500 will boot to a screen with hand holding a WorkBench 1.3 floppy shown.
> Are keyboards as hard to find as it seems? That's the showstopper so
>far. Is $30 reasonable for a partially tested A2500? Will the
>kbd/mouse from the Colt work?

        The 2500 is basically the 2000 shipped with either an '020 or
'030 CPU vice the original 68000. Otherwise there's little
difference. The Colt was Commodore's XT-clone so no, the
keyboard/mouse from the Colt will not work with the 2500. Keyboards
and mice aren't all that hard to locate, at least on the 'net, but
they tend to be a little pricey compared to what you probably think
they should go for.

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