Anyone Care About RT-11

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 13:26:48 2002

With regard to RT-11, I have a request - does anyone think it
is worthwhile to keep track of and have a centralized location
which records as many of the current RT-11 bugs as possible?
If anyone agrees and has any information about any existing bugs
in RT-11, I would like to share my list with them. In addition,
I would also like to fix them. I don't think a formal SPR is needed,
just an initial brief description. Is there any interest out there?

Even if you don't have any bugs to contribute, please comment
if you think a central location is a good idea so that everyone
who uses RT-11 can be aware of the current list of bugs. I
have a feeling that no one else is interested outside of a very
few individuals who have asked me to tell them about a bug
I recently found, but have not responded when I asked them
to allow me to add the bug to the current list. Maybe I am out
of touch with how bugs get fixed, but if no one knows about
them, how will they get corrected? So if you are interested,
please add your two cents!!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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