Anyone Care About RT-11

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 14:57:39 2002

--- "Jerome H. Fine" <> wrote:
> With regard to RT-11, I have a request - does anyone think it
> is worthwhile to keep track of and have a centralized location
> which records as many of the current RT-11 bugs as possible?

I am not a current RT-11 user (I used to make my living with it about
14 years ago and I still have it sitting around the house), but I am
interested in anything that improves it.

I have no bugs to share, but I would love to go to a central place to
see what's wrong, should I ever start playing with RT-11 again. If
someone else is willing to do the collection and list maintenance,
I may eventually become a consumer of the data, but it's not in my face
enough to be a contributor at this time.


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