Questions regarding Tom Shoppa.

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 14:59:26 2002

>"Carlini, Antonio" wrote:

> >Does anyone else have copies of the RSX-11 set of 2 CDs?
> At one point the RSX, TOPS and RT11 CDs
> were all available as binary images. I know
> I downloaded all of them and burned them to
> CD with no problems. (Well, maybe a slight
> issue with the RT11 one IIRC - I used W98
> and whatever burning software I used
> was not too happy verifying it ... seemed
> usable though).

Jerome Fine replies:

Are you saying the actual CD image was available as
opposed to the many files that are on the CD?

> Tim does not seem to have any problems
> with people downloading large amounts
> of data so rather than ask for a CD, just
> burn one.
> Antonio

I have the RT-11 CD sent from Tim Shoppa, so I am
satisfied it is OK. BUT, I also want to burn my own
CD in the same manner. ALSO using Windows 98 (Yeck).

If anyone wants a copy, please ask!

The RT-11 Freeware CD is composed of somewhat less
than 212,992 sectors (of 2048 bytes each) which contain
about 403 MBytes (Windows 98 Explorer says 21,223 files
in 969 Directories using a total of 403,733,960 bytes)
all contained under (if I have been told correctly) the ISO
file structure for a CD.

Starting at sector 212,992 on the CD, there are 114,688
sectors which hold 7 RT-11 partitions of 33,554,432 bytes
each for a total of 234,881,024 bytes. These sectors
can be accessed only by software which understands
the RT-11 file structure, in particular programs such
as PUTR, VMS Exchange and of course RT-11 itself.

I can duplicate the above combination.

I can copy files to a CD into an ISO file structure.

I can also copy a file on the hard disk (which contains
RT-11 files under the RT-11 file structure) to either a CD-R
or a CD-RW starting at sector zero.

BUT, Can anyone help me? I want to copy that same file
to a CD-R or a CD-RW starting at sector 212,992 (just
like Tim Shoppa did) after I have written the files to the CD
under the ISO file structure. Of course, I want to be able
to do this under Windows 98!! Does anyone know if that is
even possible, let alone how it could be done?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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