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From: Doc <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 21:01:25 2002

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 wrote:

> > Sorry... I was thinking how to make image files from files in a
> > filesystem,
> > not how to make image files from a real CD-ROM.
> >
> > dd is what you want, but the parameters may vary if the disc is not
> > a boring ISO-9660 type.
> I doubt bs has any affect.

  Blocksize is actually very critical in imaging any but ISO9660, or
native-to-the-host-os filesystems. Try doing a dd image of an AIX mkcd
bootable backup cd with a blocksize of 512 (which is the default if bs
is not specified).
  I'll grant that I should have specified bs=<lowest blocksize used on
the master>....

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