Amiga 2500 questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 19:14:19 2002

--- "John R. Keys Jr." <> wrote:
> Keyboards show at thrift's for around $3.99 and mice for $1.99, just
> need a little cleaning most of the time. Computerworks there in Austin
> sale their KB's for $3.98 also.

I need to live in _your_ town. I've never seen one spec of Amiga
hardware in Columbus. Plenty of Apple II and Mac stuff, always PeeCee
stuff, never anything else. No Amiga. No C-64. No Atari.

Wait... not true... I got an Amiga mouse *once* in a 3 cu. ft box of
misc cables and stuff for $5.

That was it, though. Seriously, I think they get it in, but it never
reaches the sales floor because they don't understand it.

I have about 80% as many keyboards as Amigas. I'd love a couple more.


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