PDP-11/34c website?

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Fri Apr 12 01:41:53 2002

  Hi Jonathan.

Check out http://archives.decdocs.org

Click the link "print set archive"
There you find, among others, the Print Set of the 11/34.
The folder "manuals", down the list, contains all you need.
KD11, FP11, KK11, M9312, etc.
Especially look at the KK11 manual. It describes the step
you must do to install the cache next to the FP taking into
account the power distribution.
It works, I did this at home with my 11/34A.
BTW you need a special "over the top" connector to connect
one CPU board + cache + FP board .... Sorry, I do not have
a spare one.

Does an 11/34A with FP and cache become a "PDP-11/34C" ?

Good luck with the conversion,

- Henk.

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> Subject: PDP-11/34c website?
> Is there a website somewhere that will tell me exactly how to
> put the boards in an 11/34c? Someone gave me a working 11/34a.
> It boots RT-11. I want to add the cache and floating point
> boards. I've never had my hands on a UNIBUS machine before.
> I did some web searching, and found a series of messages from
> when Megan did something similar, but it would be nice to find
> this info all in one place.
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