PDP-11/34c website?

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Fri Apr 12 01:46:47 2002

Forgot to mention my website (a bit of promotion).
Check http://home.hetnet.nl/~tshaj

Click on the 11/35 console.
Click on the PDP-11/34A link. Enjoy a little.
Click on the *_folder_* PDP-11/34A.
The tree open. Click on the CPU information.
2 subfolders appear. Click on these to get to some documents.

Extra promotion.
In the first page, click on the starfield.
I have updated my StarShip website extensively.

Have a nice weekend, all,

- Henk.

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> Subject: PDP-11/34c website?
> Is there a website somewhere that will tell me exactly how to
> put the boards in an 11/34c? Someone gave me a working 11/34a.
> It boots RT-11. I want to add the cache and floating point
> boards. I've never had my hands on a UNIBUS machine before.
> I did some web searching, and found a series of messages from
> when Megan did something similar, but it would be nice to find
> this info all in one place.
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