Tinnerman nuts

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Mon Apr 15 18:41:12 2002

On Apr 15, 14:24, David Woyciesjes wrote:

> That's close, but what I'm looking for clips around the rails, not
> into the hole, which is round. This looks almost exactly like it, at the
> bottom of the page...
> "Palnut Multi-Thread U-Nut"
> http://www.tt-ec.com/showcase/retaining/palunut.html

DEC (and Sun, etc) used something like that but with a real nut welded (?)
onto the clip, like the diagrams at the top of

I've always known the ones DEC used simply as Tinnerman nuts. The other
type used by DEC is like a strip of spring steel wrapped round the nut and
then formed into a springy clip that clips round the rails (sorry, can't
find a picture). The correct size for rack screws is 10-32 UNF, rather
smaller than any of the ones on the PalNut page.

> > From: Carl Lowenstein
> >
> > You would be happier with the type of fastener that uses real machine
> > screws rather than the sheet-metal type screws that some racks have.
> > There is a nice picture of them on the Tinnerman Web site at
> >
> > < http://www.tt-ec.com/showcase/nutbolt/nutretcat.html >

The picture of a retainer nut (which happens to be made by Tinnerman in
this case, but isn't what I'd call a "Tinnerman nut") at the top of that
page is of what everyone over here calls a "caged nut". They're used on
european racks, which have square holes not round ones; the normal size
takes an M6 screw (DEC screwss are 10-32 UNF, which is very similar to M5).

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