simh V2.9-5

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 01:55:09 2002

> >> > I just downloaded and built simh V2.9. I was able to boot the
> >> > RA90 disk image I created for Charon-VAX. No timeout, full
> >>
> >> Just to be nit-picky, that would be V2.9-5.
> >
> >The archive is, and that's what Bob called it, so
> >I was guessing the -x were the test releases and V2.9 was the
> >actual release.
> His packageing is a bit confusing, I think it's to keep him from having to
> modify the HTML on the web page. V2.9 was released on the 3rd of February,
> while V2.9-5 was released.... (OK, I'm not sure when in the last few days
> it was released, I just learned about it today).

I just saw the announcement today, too.

> >People are working on DELQA support, but I don't know the
> >current status.
> I'd gathered the real holdup is that Bob wants a platform indepentent
> solution, something that just isn't going to happen. Still, I don't think
> that the DZ11 emulation is platform independant so hopefully we'll see
> something for UNIX in the near future. Once this is available, I've got to
> wonder how much I'll actually use my PDP-11's!

I'm trying the latest version of TS10 (just updated today).
There's support for DEQNA/DELQA/DESQA, but I'm trying the
code right now.
Eric Dittman
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