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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 02:28:54 2002

> > I'd gathered the real holdup is that Bob wants a platform indepentent
> > solution, something that just isn't going to happen. Still, I don't think
> > that the DZ11 emulation is platform independant so hopefully we'll see
> > something for UNIX in the near future. Once this is available, I've got to
> > wonder how much I'll actually use my PDP-11's!
> I'm trying the latest version of TS10 (just updated today).
> There's support for DEQNA/DELQA/DESQA, but I'm trying the
> code right now.

So far my attempts to get the network going have failed with
TS10. DECnet/Plus doesn't start correctly, the MAC address
isn't changed to AA-00-04-xx-xx-xx, and tcp/ip can't talk to
the host system.

I may be doing something wrong, or the network support isn't
Eric Dittman
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