Assorted goodies & TK Question

From: Greg Elkin <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 04:32:39 2002

> Has anyone ever gotten a "TK50-Z" in a 'TK SCSI' encosure to work with
> any 'normal' scsi controller on a PC or something?
Yup, got a stripped one sat on a desk at the moment ;
TK50 (ver E4) from a different system
the SCSI-TK50 drive adaptor board from the (scrap) enclosure, set to ID5
PC AT PSU to drive the adapter board & TK50 drive
PC with Adaptec AHA1540CF, running DOS6.22 & Adaptecs DOS driver
(ASPI4DOS.SYS) loaded.

Using the ST program (v1.1, by John Wilson) I can read & write images from/to
TK50 catridges happily.

I have the thing nekkid as I need to clean the TK50s head using a Qtip with
IPA on every few tapes I play with as they get gunked up from reading the old
tapes quite quickly.

Now, if someone happens to have an image of the Mvax-II full diagnostics that
could be usefull...

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