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Date: Mon Apr 15 21:59:35 2002

Has anyone ever gotten a "TK50-Z" in a 'TK SCSI' encosure to work with any
'normal' scsi controller on a PC or something? I picked one up for a few
$$ today, and just realized the enclosure has a 220V power supply...

Also, how do I get the disk out of an RRD40 without a computer attached?

If anyone's interested in this stuff, reply off-list:

DEC RRD40. I don't have anything but the drive and whatever is stuck in
the drive with the CD in it. In a 110V external enclosure.

DEC TK50-Z. In a 220V external enclosure (IEC power connection)
DEC RZ55. In a 220V external enclosure (same one as TK50-Z)
DEC DEBET. 110V/220V switchable ethernet 'bridge' I think.
PowerMac 6100/66
PowerMac 7100/66
PowerMac 7100/66 'chipped' to 80MHz
  - i don't know the specs off the top of my head for these, will have to
    look. mostly 250M-500M hard drive and 8M-24M of RAM

Quadra 660av
Quadra 610
Mac IIci
Mac SE

Sun SparcStation 1
  - 40M RAM, 240M HDD, CG3 video
Sun Sparc IPC
  - 40M RAM (IIRC, will check), NO HDD, builtin video

2xNCD 19r XTerm, upgraded memory. One with AUI/10B2, one with AUI/10BT.

2xIBM 3191 terminal (going on EBay if I cant find a buyer this time

2xApple //e, one with 128K and DuoDisk, one with 64K and single Disk ][.

-- Pat
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