UPS was Re: Need Burroughs Tape Spec's

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 12:01:32 2002

> > From: Dave McGuire
> >
> > On April 16, John R. Keys Jr. wrote:
> > > UPS delivered my Burroughs tape unit model BU4180 yesterday but it was
> > > destroyed. They must have dropped it from a high place as this thing
> > > weighs in at almost 80 pounds..
> >
> > I'm wondering how UPS manages to stay in business anymore. I've
> > shipped about four things via UPS in the past year, and EVERY ONE OF
> > THEM arrived damaged to some extent. WTF??
> Meanwhile, I personally have never had a problem with UPS, and with
> the volume of packages coming & going in this building, I've never seen
> anything bad either. Maybe just a moron for a driver?

He didn't mention whether it was residential or commercial delivery;
with commercial/business dleivery, you usually end up establishing
a relationship with the delivery person; as a result, I think those
guys are more carefully because they're going to have to look you
in the eye.

OTOH, residential delivery drivers just dump the package
and run... so in that case, I might suspect a delivery person.

But I've seen videotapes of UPS employees offloading planes,
and with one guy "going long" you can tell how respectful
they are with stuff. And they were being quite jolly about
it, too...


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