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From: Erik and Karen Klein <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 15:39:22 2002

I just got a five package set via UPS this morning in "typical"
condition. The outer boxes were in fairly sad shape with a couple
"bleeding" peanuts and all of them caved in at least a bit.

Fortunately everything was double-boxed and the inner boxes plus the
bubble wrap saved the contents (Altair 8800, Altair 8800a and 2 MITS
floppy drives plus software, manuals etc.) from disaster. I've taken a
bunch of pictures to "document" the arrival and condition, just for

This was a corporate delivery too, so the theory that an established
relationship will help seems false.

Unfortunately I don't have much faith in the USPS either. I just got
word yesterday about a package that I was expecting. It seems the
sender got notified that the box was "found empty at their facility."
Shorthand for "we completely FUBARed your items and threw out the
evidence." He was asked to provide a description of the contents so
they could match the piles of garbage they create with the address he
provided. . . a displacement activity at best.

Such is life, I guess.

Off to clean and repair some old stuff. . .

        Erik S. Klein
        User of Outlook, destroyer of industry.

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> > From: Dave McGuire
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> > On April 16, John R. Keys Jr. wrote:
> > > UPS delivered my Burroughs tape unit model BU4180 yesterday but it
> > > destroyed. They must have dropped it from a high place as this
> > > weighs in at almost 80 pounds..
> >
> > I'm wondering how UPS manages to stay in business anymore. I've
> > shipped about four things via UPS in the past year, and EVERY ONE OF
> > THEM arrived damaged to some extent. WTF??
> Meanwhile, I personally have never had a problem with UPS, and with
> the volume of packages coming & going in this building, I've never
> anything bad either. Maybe just a moron for a driver?

He didn't mention whether it was residential or commercial delivery;
with commercial/business dleivery, you usually end up establishing
a relationship with the delivery person; as a result, I think those
guys are more carefully because they're going to have to look you
in the eye.

OTOH, residential delivery drivers just dump the package
and run... so in that case, I might suspect a delivery person.

But I've seen videotapes of UPS employees offloading planes,
and with one guy "going long" you can tell how respectful
they are with stuff. And they were being quite jolly about
it, too...


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