OT: boatanchor mailing lists and resources?

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Wed Apr 17 14:54:08 2002

> Isn't that one fee based now though?

Yes, but it is worth it. A dollar a month.

> Does it tolerate and encourage homebrew gear?

If it has tubes, sure. The "Glowbugs" list might be better for that, as
it is intended for guys that like tube based QRP (very low power) gear.
> I wasn't able to find out all that much about the 'CS', other than it
> seems to have been made between 1945 and 1946. (Maybe this thing is close
> to being on topic, since it is certainly older than the Simon computer ;)

Pretty standard National design, I think.

> I found scans of the manual online (and archived a copy of them), but I'd
> like to find an original print manual somewhere to replace the one that
> was lost. Print manuals are also easier to read than a 300dpi scan, even
> If I print out a copy. Guess I'll have another argument with Google and
> see what turns up :)

Ebay is a better place to look.

If you need help, contact me off list - or better yet, subscribe to one
of the BA lists (on topic and all of that).

William Donzelli
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