Heath Zenith in a Faraday cage, was Secret Mac

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Wed Apr 17 15:15:26 2002

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>> These things are extremely rare in general, at least out in the wild.
>> This is only the third to surface, and of all three now documented on the
>> web (or at least known to be) they are all completely different.
>At one time I had a Heath Zenith Z150 PC mounted inside a Metal Faraday cage.
>Has anyone seen anything like this? I assumed it was for Tempest type
>protection but then it did come out of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. (no
>it didn't glow).
>Astoria, OR
 When at Intel, we had to shield our Series II machine for a different
reason. The early ones would reset when zapped by someone walking
across the carpet and touching the key board. Energy can go in various
directions. It could have been for security but was just as likely
to keep from interfering with the various measurement equipment.
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