Windows V1.0

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 16:06:10 2002

>I hesitate to mention this even if it is well over 10 years old.
>I have a copy of Heath Zenith Windows that I posted on eBay.
>I have been corresponding with collectors as how to verify this is actually
>MS Windows 1.0. There are no version numbers at all on the disks, box, manual
>and envelopes.
>The Heath Zenith Model Number of the Software package is MS-5063-30. Can
>anyone verify what this model number represents?
>Since it comes on 5 5 1/4" 48tpi floppy disks and can be installed in a HZ
>8088 PC I feel certain it is original. The manual indicates it can be
>installed on a two floppy machine besides on a hard drive.

        It looks like the same packaging that we used to see with the
Z-248's with DOS 3.X and Windows 1 (I believe the actual version
number when you installed it was 1.01). I used the inside cover page
of the manual for the upgrade to Windows 3.0 from Egghead in 1990. I
just dug out what remains of that package (just the box and the
manual, as I no longer have the disks) and it's 'Welcome' page xvii
shows the same thing as what yours does. There are also two addendum
page's stuck in the manual that do identify it as 'Microsoft Windows
User's Guide, version 1.0". The one addendum page lists the
MS-3063/5063-30 part number at the bottom as well. The side-flap,
which is what opens, on the box has a round sticker that states
"Microsoft Windows" with no version number.

        I'd say you likely have the Heath/Zenith version of Windows 1.0.

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