Windows V1.0

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 17:25:00 2002

>I hesitate to mention this even if it is well over 10 years old.
>I have a copy of Heath Zenith Windows that I posted on eBay.
>I have been corresponding with collectors as how to verify this is actually
>MS Windows 1.0. There are no version numbers at all on the disks, box, manual
>and envelopes.
>The Heath Zenith Model Number of the Software package is MS-5063-30. Can
>anyone verify what this model number represents?

I've got the same package. Unfortunately I can't remember the model number
of machine it came with, other than that it was a nice machine with LIM EMS3.0
(1 MB IIRC) on the mother board. The Windows version is 1.03.

I may be the only person to tell you this, but I think Windows 1.03 was much
better than 2.X. Windows 1.X was able to multitask "well behaved" text mode
(i.e. I/O through DOS or BIOS calls) applications. I found this to be quite
useful for programs I was developing myself.

I also don't think lack of overlapping windows was that big of a drawback.
I mainly used In-A-Vision (a predecessor to MicroGraphix Draw) for drawing/CAD
under Windows 1.X. The Video 7 VGA card I had came with an 800x600 16 color
driver for Windows 1.X. Windows 1 was even fast on an 10 MHz 8088.

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