Windows V1.0

From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 17:10:09 2002 wrote:

> The Heath Zenith Model Number of the Software package is MS-5063-30. Can
> anyone verify what this model number represents?

> Since it comes on 5 5 1/4" 48tpi floppy disks and can be installed in a HZ
> 8088 PC I feel certain it is original. The manual indicates it can be
> installed on a two floppy machine besides on a hard drive.

I have a 4 disk version of "Mircosoft Windows Operating Environment
Premiere Edition" for "IBMs and COMPAQs Personal Computers" The 4 disks
are labelled as follows:

  1) Setup Disk
  2) Build Disk
  3) Utilities Disk
  4) Desktop Applications Disk

there is the same 050050P reference nu,mber on each disk.

Once again no mention of Windows 1.0 (but there woudl not be would there).

Don't know if this helps or confuses the issue.

   -- HBP
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