"Windows V1.0"

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Apr 17 16:51:51 2002

>One of the collectors I have been corresponding with has a copy of
>Heath Zenith Windows 2.1 and it is marked on the spine of the Box.
>Mine has no version at all.
>Mine also runs on MS-DOS 2.0. There is another addendum page that
>indicates how to configure windows with MS-DOS 3.1. There is no
>mention of MS-DOS 3.3 at all.
>I was hoping someone had a Heath Zenith catalog from that era, 1985-1986.

        I just found the backup copies of the WIndows disks from my
previous message...not the original disks, but copies I had made,
just in case. They are labled "Microsoft Windows Ver. 1.03" and,
like yours, there are five disks: Setup, Build, Utilities, Fonts,
and Applications. The serial# on them is 000-00198819-8-08. I'm
100% positive that they came from the Heath/Zenith package that I
have so am pretty sure it reflects what you have as well.

        Hope this helps.
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