"Windows V1.0"

From: Dan Veeneman <dan_at_ekoan.com>
Date: Wed Apr 17 19:08:45 2002

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>I was hoping someone had a Heath Zenith catalog from that era, 1985-1986.

I haven't found a catalog from that period yet, but in the _Capital Heath
User's Group_ (CHUG) newsletter from March 1987 there is a configuration
for Government employee purchase of Zenith Z-248 computer systems.
In the breakdown is listed "MS Windows" with a part number MS-5036-30.
It goes along with part number OS-63-41, "MS-DOS version 3.2".

As an aside, in the same issue there is a description of the February
Capital PC User's Group at which the featured speaker was Bill Gates.
Some relevant highlights:

"...the Macintosh represented a machine that had sufficient critical mass
to complete with the PC-compatible dominance of the market."


"Microsoft believes that the user interfaces pioneered by the Macintosh
will become the industry standard for microcomputers."


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