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> > Consequently, looking back at the calendar, I think that
> > it's far more likely that this is Windows 2.0 or 2.1.
> It's not much help, but the first Z248 that we received had MS-DOS 3.x and
> Windows 1.0x floppies included with it.
> I've never seen a copy of Windows 2.x, however, oddly enough I recently
> found a shrink-wrapped copy of Windows 1.0 in the trash!

One of the collectors I have been corresponding with has a copy of Heath
Zenith Windows 2.1 and it is marked on the spine of the Box. Mine has no
version at all.

Mine also runs on MS-DOS 2.0. There is another addendum page that indicates
how to configure windows with MS-DOS 3.1. There is no mention of MS-DOS 3.3
at all.

I was hoping someone had a Heath Zenith catalog from that era, 1985-1986.

Thanks for the help.
Astoria, OR
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