Secret Mac

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 19:00:58 2002

>These things are extremely rare in general, at least out in the wild.
>This is only the third to surface, and of all three now documented on the
>web (or at least known to be) they are all completely different.

Actually, I have a fourth one (IIRC, I got it from a list member) that I
haven't put on Applefritter yet. It's like Sellam's Systematics in
design concept, but is shoddier and has a back like the tempest SE/30.
Curiously, like the SE/30, this tempest Mac is also missing it's
motherboard and back panel. Does anybody know if motherboard removal was
a common practice in decomissioning tempest computers?

Has anybody actually ever seen or gotten to experiment with equipment
intended for emanation monitoring?


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