ASR33 print head

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 12:11:03 2002

For those that want on line manuals, check:

 Near the end of the page, under other you'll find
ASR 33 Teletype. Besides these he has a great site
for PDP-8's
 I was thinking, it might be a good idea to make
a mold of the print head I have. One could then
make one in the future to replace it. I'm not sure,
not having it right here, but I think the head is
some kind of metal over plasic. It could be nickel
or something that doesn't rust. It could also be
low temperature type setters metal of some type.

>From: "Russ Blakeman" <>
>Here's something I found in the ClassicCmp archives, noting that there is a
>person with a 3 volume set of manuals for the ASR33...
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