Secret Mac

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 12:12:43 2002

> Here's how a defense contractor cleaned a tempest system's hard drive of
> secret SAR (not confidential) data after each use:
> 1.) Run Norton WipeDisk pgm writing 1s & 0s three times.
> 2.) Low level format
> 3.) WipeDisk three more times.
> Trust me, when I was done, there wasn't anything recoverable there.

Wanna bet?

With sufficient (excessive) effort and expense (>G*value of data), some
can still be recovered. The NSA does a lot of that kind of stuff.

If the radial alignment NOW is not exactly the same as it was THEN, then
the position of those rewrites is not centered over the old data. With
extensive study of the area alongside the tracks, some traces can be found
of the data that got missed by the rewrites.

The goal can simply be to make recovery effort to be excessive for the
value of the recovered data.

Why not just install Windoze over it?
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