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From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Sat Apr 20 09:56:42 2002

i'm now in search of anything pertaining to the Bay Networks 16/4 BayStack
Token Ring Hub with Fiber MDA RO/RI, 24port RJ45. Documentation, manuals,
software (it does seem to have a DB9 "console" port on the back)? it is
currently working well on my little network of 3 token ring machines (one
P-III 850, one Athlon 750 and one P-II 350), where i get link, 16M, FRM,
Mgt, etc. steady Green. One thing that bothers me though: WTF is NNM and
DCM and why are they flashing Green? also, is there a way to disable the
MDA module and why is it showing Snpx lit steady Green? there is no
connection to it currently. the hub does, however, link up nicely to the
3Com LinkBuilder FMS TR 12 that i also have through cascade port 1 on the
Bay unit and the internetworking port on the back of the 3com unit. main
goal: to make the P-350 my main linux netowrk server with my own web
hosting at some point and email hosting with dual or possibly quad token
ring going out to the network and having a singular ethernet AMD PC-Net II
(IBM badged) PCI for Ethernet going out to the router and out to the
broadband cable modem. i even went out and found the nifty yellow ethernet
cables (CAT5) that have soft rubber strain relief boots on them (really
nice and professional looking and obtained free). =)

Note: next goal is to toss narrow SCSI into the linux box (it is still
partially built) and maybe have dual 9 gb or quad 4.x gb drives in it.

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