Vax 3100/80 among other things.

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Date: Sat Apr 20 15:28:21 2002

On 19 Apr, wrote:

> A quick question was ULTRIX ever avalible for the uVAX 3100/80?

> (there seems to be a version of linux but it seems
> to be quite imature.)
.... and it ever will be.

> OpenBSD is great, still it doesn't have all that I want, but has a lot
> more than NetBSD.
This is not a bug, it is a feature. ;-)
NetBSD is minimalistic and this is one reason why I like it. You just
add what you need via pkgsrc and you get a system that has exactely
what you want, and nothing more. It is most bloat less.

If you wane try NetBSD again, please use the ELF snapshot of -current.
Many improvements, but it needs some more testers...
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