Network Hub selection help needed

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Apr 21 10:08:21 2002

One other thing ... It's easy to get "wrapped around the axle" with details
about what works better than what, etc. Fact is ... the purpose of a network
is to make multiple computers appear to you, the sum of all the end-users,
since it's YOUR home computing facility, as one useful tool. I've seen more
than one guy move from three boxes to each of which he could type a command
and have a response in a couple of seconds, to a networked environment where
he could sit at one station and accomplish the same thing, but not without a
minute or two of typing. Some guys see this as an improvement.

For me, the purpose of networking has been to make information stored on
several dissimilar systems available to all of them with a minimum of hassle.
If you have to generate manual routes to move files from one machine to
another, it's a waste of effort setting the whole thing up. If that's your
goal, your files should appear "out there" as though they were on a single
computer, irrespective of how many computers are involved. Don't get caught
in the trap of having your network just be an added burden. Most of them are.

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Subject: Network Hub selection help needed

> I'm finally going to work on hooking up a home network, so I guess I
> need a hub. What should I look for? I don't know much about networks
> yet. I have potentially 7 computers that I'd like to have connected.
> It'll need to be 10Base-T, but 100base-T may be involved too. I thought
> I'd look for something on Ebay, hopefully, not too expensive. Maybe
> something commercial grade, However. I thought about something from IBM
> or 3Com, any suggestions??
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
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