What a weekend!

From: Jacob Dahl Pind <rachael__at_gmx.net>
Date: Sun Apr 21 15:40:11 2002


I have just return home from a Good weekend, bringing the following
parts with me home :)

VaxStation 4000vlc
Commodore Sx64
3x Commodore A2088 pc cards
Commdore A2500 memory board for A2000A
Commdore A2058 memory board
GVP Gforce 040 acc. card for A2000
Supra scsi interface
Kupke scsi interface
2x a1200 boards
a cdtv mother board
3x Xircom parallel port ethernet adaptors
a ASK lcd display for overhead projectors
a HP Remote bridge RB 28674B ( have no idee what it is)
6 joysticks and some mouse/joystick auto switches
Microsoft windows (c) 1987
Chameleon NFS
Xvision X server for windows
A isa tvcard
a 8ports serial isa card
a sbc 286 and a 586 pc and passiv backplate for them
Xeno link bbs for amiga
Lemmings tribes for amiga
virtual carting2 for amiga
a com21 cable modem

We had only planed for the first two thing, but we found some
extras. Atlast I have my first Vax, but now I have so many other
new things that I wont have time to play with it the first couple
of weeks.

Regards Jacob Dahl Pind
	CBM, Amiga,Vintage hardware collector
         Email: Rachael__at_gmx.net 
	  url: http://rachael.dyndns.org
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