What a weekend!

From: John Boffemmyer IV <john_boffemmyer_iv_at_boff-net.dhs.org>
Date: Sun Apr 21 18:57:11 2002

Dude, what are you smoking? a COM21 Cable Modem is like the lowest end I
have seen, I know cuz I have and still use one. If it wasn't for the fact
that I am a cheap bastard, I'd go out and get a real one. My Com21 limits
my bandwidth, drops the connection and has high latency. I had proved it
wasn't the lines by having a friend come over with his modem and plug it in
(Toshiba 1100u series - and yes, where i am, the provider doesn't get
particular about what modem is on there). The Xircom parallel to Ethernet
ports are decent though, never heard of those SCSI's, the 8 port serial ISA
card is probably something like a DigiBoard or IBM equivalent - expensive
and nice, really nice in linux. Congrats on the vax and commodore though,
that's pretty cool.

At 04:40 PM 4/21/02, you wrote:
>I have just return home from a Good weekend, bringing the following
>parts with me home :)
>VaxStation 4000vlc
>Commodore Sx64
>3x Commodore A2088 pc cards
>Commdore A2500 memory board for A2000A
>Commdore A2058 memory board
>GVP Gforce 040 acc. card for A2000
>Supra scsi interface
>Kupke scsi interface
>2x a1200 boards
>a cdtv mother board
>3x Xircom parallel port ethernet adaptors
>a ASK lcd display for overhead projectors
>a HP Remote bridge RB 28674B ( have no idee what it is)
>6 joysticks and some mouse/joystick auto switches
>Microsoft windows (c) 1987
>Chameleon NFS
>Xvision X server for windows
>A isa tvcard
>a 8ports serial isa card
>a sbc 286 and a 586 pc and passiv backplate for them
>Xeno link bbs for amiga
>Lemmings tribes for amiga
>virtual carting2 for amiga
>a com21 cable modem
>We had only planed for the first two thing, but we found some
>extras. Atlast I have my first Vax, but now I have so many other
>new things that I wont have time to play with it the first couple
>of weeks.
>Regards Jacob Dahl Pind
> CBM, Amiga,Vintage hardware collector
> Email: Rachael__at_gmx.net
> url: http://rachael.dyndns.org

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