Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format)

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Tue Apr 23 09:51:07 2002

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> From: Raymond Moyers [mailto:rmoyers_at_nop.org]

> And today you have enough hardware in a PC box to support
> 5,000 people doing the same thing, not that your lust for faster
> hardware is over, because unix is doing things that Ken and Dennis
> never envisioned.

It's a shame that it has so much power, and yet is so poorly engineered,
but I don't' suppose that's the point here.

> ""If we prevent them from doing stupid things, we also prevent
> them from doing creative things"" - Cant Remember Who

But abstaining from stupid things is not the same as preventing others
from doing them. In other words, it can't hurt to be careful what you
do, yourself, and to make the judgment whether this thing which you're
about to do is actually worth, for instance, a sacrifice of consistency.

> And these new things are seem seemless because the system
> concepts are extensable with flexability in depth

Seamless is a very relative term, but ok, I'll go with that.

> Winblows by contrast has the depth of leftist reason and
> the flexability of a socialist utopian machine gunner setting up
> 40 paces from a fresh dug mass grave ditch.
> and like winblows, equal use and benifit to you if your aim
> and desire
> dont fit with theirs.

Wow, you're really down on these "leftists," aren't you. I'm certainly
glad I've never met one ;) They sound scary, especially if they're
that much like windows.

> Flexability is freedom, freedom gives birth to creativity.

...which leads to new ideas, which lead, of course, to cheese.

In other words, you may want to be more clear about your logic here.
Even though I agree in principle with the above, it's very sensational,
and there's nothing to support it.

> True or false dont matter ? you really would make a good leftist
> ( called liberal today, even as the real liberal is the opposite of a
> leftist, its George Orwells newspeak, todays liberals are
> not liberals
> they are leftists, perhaps Marxocrat would be a good label )

I really hope you're not trying to make this into a more political
discussion than it is now.

> > It is not the plumbing -- it is what goes down the pipe
> that needs to
> > be standarded!

> This is wrong, to do so would eliminate creativity.

I don't think so. The fact that the standard exists, and is
generally followed, doesn't prevent somebody from making a new
standard or an extension to the old one where necessary.

> New protocols are invented every day, the usefull ones end up
> being adopted and the bad ones on the ashheap.

It would be great if it did work that way -- now who's being
utopian? ;)

> On a 2 button mouse, you press both buttons to simulate
> button 3, it works smoothly and perfectly well.

You _can_ with XFree86, and friends. I certainly hope you don't think
that those are the only X servers available. Some servers (while being
very nice programs) don't have this feature.

For the sake of argument I'll assume that you know all of this already,
and point out that you could also use keys on the keyboard, if you so
desire. I have done it before while using a Macintosh one-button mouse.

> still suffreing the leftist egalitarian poison that has
> raped the planet
> of man potential. ( and left 200 million of its citizens in
> mass graves )

Ack -- not the leftists again!

> we can get along back to the accent of man.

What kind of accent does man have? I hope it's not southern.


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