Altos 580 and CP/M-MP/M Again.

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Apr 23 11:15:50 2002

What, exactly, do you mean by "partitioning and making a filesystem?"

Are you sure you've used the correct sector size and number of sectors per
track? The only Altos 580 I've dealt with had a Quantum 540. It's possible
that the firmware won't support a 6-head drive.

I tried a functional CMI 40-MB drive and, though it worked in a CP/M box
BEFORE it was in that system, it didn't work there, and, when I removed it and
put it back in the system whence it came, it didn't work there any longer
either. I wouldn't blame the Altos box for that, but, who knows?


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Subject: Altos 580 and CP/M-MP/M Again.

> After a long DEC-inflicted delay, I finally found time to replace the
> Altos' CMI doorstop with a 20MB Seagate ST225. The ST225 formats fine
> in the Diags and passes all read/write/seek tests, but neither CP/M nor
> MP/M, booting from floppy, are able to access the drive.
> I'm fairly sure I'm missing a critical step, like partitioning and
> making a filesystem, but there's a double hitch. I know nothing about
> CP/M _and_ nothing about the Altos. Online info is non-existent for the
> 580 and bewilderingly abundant for CP/M.
> I'm soliciting "favorite CP/M tutorial" recommendations, as well as a
> Cx4 for reading the HDD from the OS.
> Doc
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