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From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Tue Apr 23 13:27:43 2002

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> From: Richard Erlacher [mailto:edick_at_idcomm.com]

> You may be onto something, but the use of bombastic
> descriptors such as
> "brain-damaged" suggest you really don't know what goes on in
> big companies,

Actually, I would argue that the term "brain-damaged" describes
more than adequately what goes on in large companies, and most
small ones. I would argue that, but I'm tired of arguing...

> and have lost sight of the fact that not all people are the
> brightest bulbs

It's a hard fact to miss.

> ... just look at our Chief Executive ... even his Papa, who
> was considerably
> more articluate than he is, though not a dimwit, was not
> terribly clever.

If you're talking about the US's president, I'm not sure I can
agree with your classification of "not a dimwit" for him -- or
his father, or any other politician I can think of... I'm sure
there are one or two who aren't idiots; I just can't think of

> more below ...


> > average person can watch them and make use of their vocaublary by
> > utter such wise words as "duh, footbawl!"

> Keep in mind that they're the majority of the user base.

Again, that's difficult to miss.


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