Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Apr 23 21:02:21 2002

Yup ... you're preachin' to the choir ... especially about those HS grads ...
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> Rumor has it that James B. DiGriz may have mentioned these words:
> >Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >> All the MS-haters' rants do is shore up the belief that it's just sour
> grapes.
> *If* they can't quantify their reasoning. [[ Which, is most of the
> MS-haters you see/hear about]] Just saying "M$ Sucks. BG is the
> devil-incarnate. Linux Roolz!" is totally useless.
> Trying to get my Dell laptop [it's for work] to do something similar to a
> "Suspend" so I didn't have to wait 6 minutes for the thing to boot Win2K
> (Because, of course, XP Sucks! ;-) was quite harrowing. The BIOS-based
> tools... Suck! Suspend to RAM didn't work (knackered up the touchpad most
> times)... Suspend to Disk didn't work (locked machine completely)...
> Finally, I enabled the Hibernate feature in Win2K, and it... well... mostly
> works. Sometimes it works flawlessly, sometimes it munges my Minimize,
> Maximize & Close buttons to random patterns of color, but otherwise, it's
> just as stable when it comes out of Hibernate as anything. Is it "buggy?"
> Sure. Can I at least *live* with the bugs? Yea, I suppose. I can figure out
> where to put the pointer to make it do what I want. Is it the best option
> available? Definately.
> [no room on the puny 6G HD for Linux, tho... it's fully Linux certified as
> well...]
> >> If one could take one of today's high school grad's and plunk him/her
> down in
> >> front of a *NIX box and be able to get a little useful work from him/her
> >> SAME DAY, which one certainly can do with Windows, then *NIX would be
> >> more widely used.
> If one could find more than 1/10 of the high school grads who *actually
> wanna work*, they'd be much more widely used...
> >I know more people who won't read a book than will, if it comes to that.
> > It's always been possible to set up *nix apps for non-technical users
> >who have no clue about a command-line shell. And there've been powerful,
> >networked GUI's for *nix for a long, long time.
> Ask my wife. She found DEC/Compaq Tru64 Unix easier to use than Winders
> 95.... until I needed office apps on that machine. She still finds Linux
> easier to use than Winders, and is quite happy about the fact she can "turn
> it on and use it" without needing to learn about the upkeep of Winders, and
> knows that she can't fsck it up by doing something foolish; something I
> couldn't *completely* prevent using WinNT4. And she's tried, lemme tell ya.
> I came home one day to "I tried deleting this file 'cause I didn't think I
> need it, and it won't let me." IIRC, it was the /lib directory...
> >If you've ever been around me after struggling to install a freaking
> >driver in Windows for half a day (any version after 3.1 or so, or WfW)
> >and have it stay put and play nice with everybody else, you've heard
> >more than a rant.
> And *you're* knowledgeable enough to be a true M$-hater, not just a
> wannabee... ;-) [[ unlike most of the current fools on /. ]]
> >Agreed it's counterproductive, though. It's the same thing, in fact. I
> >don't hate MS. It's just irrelevant to me anymore. People ask me to
> >install Linux now, in fact. It's getting quite good as a desktop OS.
> >Office apps and all.
> Yup.
> ObClassicCmp: Anyone ever get OS-9/68K running on a Palm yet??? :-)
> Laterz,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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