linux in 6gb

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 11:52:50 2002

> > Rumor has it that James B. DiGriz may have mentioned these words:
> > >Richard Erlacher wrote:

> > [no room on the puny 6G HD for Linux, tho... it's fully Linux certified as
> > well...]

6G... I get OS/2, Win3.1, Lotus SmartSuite, PC Dos7, and Linux or FreeBSD and
X and OpenOffice in 4gb without disk compression on an IBM 760XL laptop.

Linux is all in how you install it. Default's a pig. (Especially Mandrake
and Redhat...)

Free/OpenBSD are much better at packaging the OS seperate from the apps...
and add-ons.

Linux is getting to look like Windows2k... overloaded with stuff you
never use and without the stuff you need.

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