anyone with an old national memory databook ?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 14:59:15 2002

>From: "Tom Uban" <>
>I am looking for info on a National Semi 4916944-2 memory IC in
>a 16-pin 0.3" DIP package. I am assuming that it is some variant
>of the 4164, but am not sure.

Hi Tom
 This is most likely a OEM number. What machine did
it come out of? It looks like it might be a HP number
or something. A lot of places have their own part numbering
system that several manufactures will make labled parts
for them. You may need to check what parts were listed
for that application.
 Of course, if the power lines are correct, you can always
try the part you think it is.
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