linux in 6gb

From: Allison <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 15:06:50 2002

From: Christopher Smith <>
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>> From: Douglas H. Quebbeman []
>"Enhanced" MINIX FS -- I actually got a copy of FIPS, and broke the
>disk into two partitions. The linux part was slightly larger than
>10M, with five for swap.

My first pass was Minix2.0 {very fast on a 386/16 with 5mb) and
used that to download Linux. The first linix install frm CD was on
a 8mb 486slc/25 with an 80mb IDE disk. The current Linux toy is
486/133 with 16mb and a 2.1mb disk from the Caldara Openlinux
2.3 CD. Most of the bells and toys are installed and it's big but
useful. A bare bones install still fits on a small disk with useful
room if you forget all the packages and Xserver.

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