ScanPlus Gray 300 scanner - what type of interface?

From: Arno Kletzander <>
Date: Thu Apr 25 06:35:52 2002

Hi all,

a former teacher of mine dug this feed-through scanner out of his storage
for me. It has a slider pot for brightness and a button labeled "Eject", a
power light (green) and an error light (yellow), builtin power supply with on/off
switch and IEC inlet. Then there's a female Sub-D-25 connector...unlabeled.
How does that connect to the computer? Did it need one of those proprietary
interface cards? (We found one in another box, but we're not sure whether it
is for this one.)

Did already about an hour of googling, but no definitive results...Any hints

Greetings from Germany

Arno Kletzander

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