ScanPlus Gray 300 scanner - what type of interface?

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Date: Thu Apr 25 12:54:24 2002

> Hi all,
> a former teacher of mine dug this feed-through scanner out of his storage
> for me. It has a slider pot for brightness and a button labeled "Eject", a
> power light (green) and an error light (yellow), builtin power supply with on/off
> switch and IEC inlet. Then there's a female Sub-D-25 connector...unlabeled.
> How does that connect to the computer? Did it need one of those proprietary
> interface cards? (We found one in another box, but we're not sure whether it
> is for this one.)
> Did already about an hour of googling, but no definitive results...Any hints
> appreciated.

it is -probably- a plustek scanplus gray 300
check here for details. it will help ID the scanner if it IS a plustek
has plustek TWAIN drivers for win 9x
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