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From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu Apr 25 10:57:31 2002

Sean Caron said:
> Granted, if I wanted to run an Internet server, I would probably
> reach for one of my Sun slabs running NetBSD, but my desktop UNIX
> workstation sitting next to me here is an Indigo2!

Actually, the Origin 200 I run at work makes an amazing internet server... I
have about 1000 users for email, web, ftp, assorted interactive login crap,
AND compute jobs, and I've never had the thing fail or be unable to handle the
load. It starts to lag a little when IRIX reports a load average of about 10,
though ;)

> I love SGI hardware -- I have a ton of Indy, Indigo, and Indigo2
> systems that I run as UNIX workstations around the house, and I
> have not yet found a window manager that I prefer over 4Dwm.
> All my SGI machines are superbly reliable, although security can
> get to be a concern sometimes.

I agree with you in general... the SGIs are GREAT hardware, with the
exception of the O2, which is almost total crap. That's what happens when a
company like SGI tries to make a "budget" computer...

> 16 CDs? That seems really strange -- I tend to throw almost the
> entire system on my machines (drive space willing) and it takes
> maybe six or seven for 6.5.0...

The full media set for 6.5.13 is about 16 CDs, but that includes the compilers
and other things. I think I can get away with only using about 10 (6-7 for
6.5.0 + 4 for the 6.5.13 overlays).


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