.I.P. for D.I.Y.

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Date: Thu Apr 25 12:53:52 2002

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> >I'll agree - but perhaps the main reason is that modern components are
> >almost impossible for the home builder ... and only the odd few
> (Tony? :-)
> Impossible? How?

When I was home-brewing computers about 20 years ago the modern components
of the time were
  reasonably easy to obtain
  reasonably stable for wire-wrap
  easy to solder - or use in sockets
  adequately documented (usually :-)
  if programmable could be DIY programmed rather than needing an expensive
 and almost everything worked from a simple 5v supply

  You typically have to deal with distributors - little problem for the
experienced, but an obstacle to newcomers
  The edge speed of modern logic is so high that WW is unlikely to work
  In fact even PCBs now need designing using UHF techniques for the same
  SMT devices - and almost everything nowadays is only available as such -
are best handled with an expensive soldering station (and BGA devices need
even more expensive equiment).
  Documentation - though nowadays typically easier to obtain - is often
  Programming devices often needs (one or both of) expensive hardware or
extremely expensive software.

I stand by the "almost impossible" statement above.

The one main exception to this black picture is the single-chip flash
micro - such as the PIC family or the 8051 derivatives. But working with
these is more like computer programming than hardware design.

> Generalizing on DIY/homebrewing is not good as exceptions do abound.
Which is why I use terms like "almost impossible" and "few" rather than
absolute statements.

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