"Toy" computers (was Re: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Apr 25 15:34:54 2002

Gee ... I've never seen one of those ... and I've picked up countless Apple
"drives" over the years, hoping to find something useable inside. The best
I've ever gotten has been a box + PSU. If I'd ever run into an Ampro product,
I'd have remembered.


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> > However, there were some 3rd party external drives that worked with 1.44
> > 3.5 disks, and even with 5.25 and PC disks. And those worked with older
> > Macs (at least back to the Mac Plus, and I think as far back as the 512k
> > or kE). I think Dayna was an example of a company that made a high
> > density external drive for the Plus... and they had a model that had a
> > 5.25 drive in the same case (only R/W pc format IIRC). But I assume such
> > drives had an init and didn't "just work".
> Several of those "drive"s were single board CP/M computers, including a
> few that were Ampro. The CP/M computer could read and write MFM
> diskettes, and communicate with the Mac. Most used SCSI or serial for the
> communication. But they were marketed as MFM "DRIVE"s.
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