"Toy" computers (was Re: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers)

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Thu Apr 25 21:59:18 2002

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> Gee ... I've never seen one of those ... and I've picked up countless Apple
> "drives" over the years, hoping to find something useable inside. The best
> I've ever gotten has been a box + PSU. If I'd ever run into an Ampro product,
> I'd have remembered.

And you WON'T find 'em in regular drives.
This would be specifically the drives that were intended to add MFM
capabilities to non-MFM systems, and therefore needed to have at least an
FDC, and even a microprocessor. The easiest shortcut to do that was to
use a single board computer. I've seen Ampro, Quark, and 2 others. I
also did some trivial disk format consulting for one outfit that was doing
one with an Ampro, although at this point, I can't even remember the name.
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