new server status and RFC on problem tracking database for all classic OS's

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 07:01:03 2002

> >> > BTW: Yall, keep in Mind, all VCFe speeches are available live over the
> >> > net !

> Thats very good for me as I have no time to come (from Duisburg)

The pages are not ment to keep nearby living people away.
They are here to tease all the far guys to get a ticket next year.
And Duisburg is CLOSE by any standard - just tell to the list
that you considere less than 400 miles a big distance !

> Will you be at z-fest this year ?

I guess not.

> >Well, the timeing is maybe a bit bad for the US folks. Therefore we also

> >The streaming server is connected via a 34 MBit line, so no fear of
> >cognestions :)

> We will look if that's true.-)

so, you want to flood the line ... good luck.


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