Sun help needed... [was: RE: open "dumpster" event in New Haven, CT]

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 09:23:40 2002

> This may be an off-topic post, but Chris is nuts for old HP laser
> printers and old Macs! A 2 hour drive, out of the blue, during the week,
> just for two printers... Well I guess that fits just about everybody on this
> list though...
> Anyway, to my point... This is off-topic, so taking it off-list is
> appropriate I believe... I have a Sun Ultra1 Creator. (170E, Open Boot 3.1,
> 128 MB RAM, 4 GB Quantum, 1 GB Conner, floppy disk... old 19" Sun color
> monitor, type 5c keyb, optical mouse w/proper silver pad!) Well, now that I
> finally got the Creator framebuffer replaced, it's time to load Solaris.
> Except that all the CD-ROMS I have aren't even seen by the console... And I
> tried the sector size jumper both ways.
> Any tips, tricks, or other hints? Maybe something I missed? How
> about other options for getting this puppy running?
> Thanks to Sridhar and DaveM for trying to help last might...
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try to describe the scsi bus and termination.
do a probe-scsi and a probe-scsi-all...

let me know what that does.

Great machine... I've got some Sun Parts if you need them including an
external disk and cd.

Plextor and Toshiba CD's and CD-R's have worked for me on them.
The old 2x toshibas are $3.50 at

My Teac's also have the 512 byte jumper as do IBM's.


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