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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Fri Apr 26 12:57:32 2002

On Apr 26, 10:19, Bill Pechter wrote:

> > I'm slightly puzzled by what you say about DEC X-11, though. My
> > to it and XXDP is only in the form of the diagnostics available to end
> > users and third-party service organisations, and I suspect there's more
> > it than that. The reason I think of XXDP as the OS and X-11 as the,
> > application in a way, is that all I see are the X-11 modules to run
> > and series of tests, whereas XXDP includes the monitor, system handlers
> > (as well as the diagnostic programs and utilites, of course). To me,
> > that's the OS.
> >
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> You're exactly correct, except the XXDP doesn't have drivers for
> the comm gear and other stuff, whereas DECX/11 can have modules
> running simulating disk and tape i/o, comm i/o and can do task
> scheduling and timeouts. Also DECX/11 is interrupt driven where most of
> XXDP polls status registers.

Yes, I knew about the polled operation.

> I stretched my view a bit. DEC training called XXDP a diagnostic
> monitor... which was ok until the DS> diagnostic supervisor got loose...
> and the names collided.
> The XXDP monitor is single tasking, non-interrupt driven, polling and
> can hang forever waiting for an event that never comes. DECX/11 won't.
> DECX/11 seemed much more os-like. Batch streams do exist in XXDP
> (the .ccc chain files) -- but that's just minimal scripting.

Yes, .ccc is of rather limited use. Enough for sets of diagnostics and not
much more, really.

Thanks for the information -- I'm enlightened. Did DECX/11 ever make it
outside of DEC's walls, other than in the form of strings of modules for
field confidence tests?

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