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From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyndns.org>
Date: Sat Apr 27 20:10:36 2002

> On Apr 26, 10:19, Bill Pechter wrote:
> Thanks for the information -- I'm enlightened. Did DECX/11 ever make it
> outside of DEC's walls, other than in the form of strings of modules for
> field confidence tests?
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> Pete Peter Turnbull
> Network Manager
> University of York

As far as I know that's as far as it got inside DEC as well.
I once wondered where was the base DOS/Batch box left inside DEC
to build the XXDP stuff and DECX/11... I figure they just hacked it on
a DEC10 or RSTS/E box... maybe later on a VAX under PDP11 emulators.

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