"Toy" computers (was Re: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers)

From: Raymond Moyers <rmoyers_at_nop.org>
Date: Sat Apr 27 02:42:11 2002

On Wednesday 24 April 2002 22:22, you wrote:
> If it's a mainframe, then the campus is the enclosure,
> while if it's a desktop, it's pretty obvious what that is.

 Today that campus worth of hardware is emulated in the hercules
 s360/370/390/ zSeries emulator http://www.conmicro.cx/hercules
 running on a PC running linux or winbloZ

 OS, DOS, MVS, VM ... running on your pc, serves x3270
 terms over the network etc etc.

 So now the "real computer" runs as a small program on a PC

 Yes its the same deal as simh or p11, but this one will run
 the same systems as IBM's current top line hardware.
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